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Cultivating Creative Roots

January 19, 2018 -


Nic Reichelt

I have been a creative individual since my adolescence. I enjoyed building Legos, drawing, taking pictures, filming things, and writing. In my teen years I was part of my high school’s yearbook and broadcast teams. There was just something about letting my imagination take over and come up with ideas that really drove me. I kept up with videography into my early twenties, but it slowly faded away as I had kids and was working more in a monotonous job to pay the bills. That passion for creativity was suppressed. I feel like this led to me just kind of floating through life and not having much drive to grow as a person or progress in my job. I was there and functioning, but as my wife can attest, I was not always present or aware of what was going on – I was in my head a lot. This led to some friction in my relationships with my family, and I knew I had to change it.

Things got a little better when I discovered my passion for analytics and dashboard creation about five years ago. This was less creative and more logical processes and analyzing data, but I found the creative side of things with dashboards and the design process that goes into making them useful for business leaders. This further led to my discovery of web and software design/development, which is what I majored in for the degree I obtained last year. It was here that my creative juices really started to flow again. I have reached back to my drawing and sketching roots with the graphics I have created for my website. The layout and design processes from my yearbook days have helped me create the designs for my applications and website. I have even started looking back to my videography days which I hope to do something with soon.

This last year has really given me time to think and find myself, and I discovered that being a creator is my passion. I am not a top shelf creator by any means, and I may not be able to get a full time job doing any of this. I do, however, plan to keep the dream alive and create things every day. Whether that be the development of a website or application, sketching ideas I have, or creating video, I want to take at least 30 minutes out of every day to do something creative. I enjoy creativity in all its forms and want to feed my passion for those areas of my life. My oldest daughter has even expressed an interest in making YouTube videos and has been on my case to help her put some up. I see the fire in her to create and I want to stoke that fire and let her explore her creativity. Seeing this in her has helped me to focus my efforts and ensure that I can complete everything.

I am working to schedule things so that I can still actively look for employment, expand my dev knowledge, create new applications and websites, help my daughter to create her videos and create my own if time permits. I can say that I have never felt more motivated to express myself than I do now. I know what drives me and I cannot try to hide it or box it up. I need to let the fire of creativity burn.

My goal for 2018 is to grow as a creator and put out content that people enjoy. I want to help my daughter find her creative voice and be able to share it with the world as well. We all have a unique voice in this world and should share it if we feel the need. That’s not about any of our content “going viral,” but that we put out content we enjoy for ourselves. Being true to yourself and doing what you enjoy is the most important thing in life. You cannot really be complete without that. I challenge anyone reading this to join me on this quest to create things. I will share my projects as I complete them and post to my different social media accounts. Any major dev projects I create I will share here, and when I get videos up on YouTube I will post about that here as well.