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New Beginnings

April 4, 2018 -


Nic Reichelt

It’s been a little while since I posted. Things have been a little hectic as of late, but I am planning to post a little more frequent going forward.

The main reason for the delay is that there have been a few developments in my life, mainly revolving around work. Since the last post I have gotten a full-time job as a Services Consultant Associate at Progressive Insurance. It is a call center type position, but very different from my Verizon experience thus far. I have also secured a contract for developing a corporate website – I will share more details on this in a separate post once it is done. I am excited to be able to take on this project and create something new. It will be long days ahead, though, as I am working about 12 hours a day between the two jobs. It’s very tiring, but I am excited and determined to do both.

Overall this has been a very good time for me. I am adjusting to this new schedule and working a normal full time job again. It was nice and beneficial to have the prior year off to finish my degree and get things rolling full steam ahead in my dev career, but I am happy to have full time work again.

This is not an I.T. or Developer position like I was hoping to get, but I see the possibilities within Progressive to grow in my career. I will, however, continue to work on Developer projects on the side as well, whether it be a client project or one of my own. Even though it may not be my full-time job, I am going to create my own career as a developer. Part of this will be to continue continue to deepen my knowledge and learn new web technologies. I am at a place in life where I want to learn all I can to be the best that I can be. My main focus right now is on current web technologies to have a robust tool kit at my disposal, but I also have a desire to learn to speak other languages. I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and never really used it, but I see the benefits of being bilingual/multilingual.

I guess at this point I am just looking to better myself and make myself as marketable as I can be. It is not all about my career, though, as I want to learn all of this for myself. I have enjoyed the feeling of bettering myself with education, both formal and informal. In a year or two I plan on going back to school for my Master’s in I.T. Management.

This phase is huge for me, and I am seeing the rewards for my efforts. Not quite what I expected after graduating with my Bachelor’s, but this is definitely progress and in the right direction. I have built steam and momentum as a developer and furthering my dev knowledge and don’t want to stop. I encourage anyone who has a desire to learn or wants to dive into something new this year to dedicate as much time as they are comfortable with in pursuing it. I have found that learning something new is difficult. However, if you approach it as a project or building and tackle it in small pieces, mastering each one you will get there. You will also feel accomplished. I find myself wanting to learn and do more the more I educate myself. Invest in yourself and you won’t be disappointed.