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Body of Work


The Portfolio (WP)

WordPress Theme: The Portfolio

The Portfolio' is a WordPress theme I'm currently developing by using my website as a baseline for what the theme has to offer. It's heavily customized and customizable, which allows the user to tailor the layout and style of the various pages and sections.

The theme is currently in development at version 0.5 (v.05). A lot of the pages are currently hard coded, but this will change to use the WP_Customizer and Gutenberg Blocks completely. There will be very little hard coded into the site when it's done.

The theme uses modern WordPress features and CSS (including CSS Grid Support). It is responsive to all screen sizes, has been tested across various browsers and mobile devices, and has legacy browser support.

There is currently no official release date but you can view how it will work here on my website.


DFS Flooring

DFS Flooring Site Redesign

DFS Flooring is the 5th largest commercial flooring company in the United States. The company has serviced commercial flooring projects throughout California while providing an excellent experience for their clients. They pride themselves on their focus on service excellence and being environmentally friendly in their business practices.

This project was a complete website redesign. The original website used old design methods and mostly Adobe Flash to showcase their work. The main goal was to provide a cohesive new website using modern design techniques and technologies.

This redesign used standard HTML5 and CSS3 for structure, styling, and element interaction, JavaScript for more complex interactions like Google Maps, and PHP for the contact form and other scripting needs. It was a custom build from the ground up, with a focus on a simple clean design, professional color palette, intuitive navigation, and responsiveness. The site uses "cards" to display and showcase information and content. This was done to draw the eye to key content and provide a consistency for the user.


WGU Companion

WGU Companion Android Application

WGU Companion is an Android application I developed as part of my Bachelor’s degree program. It was designed to provide students the ability to track their degree progress on the go from the convenience of their mobile phone.

The app allows students to track their terms, courses, assessments, and mentors, as well as keep notes for classes. In its current state, the data is supplied by the user. It does not populate term or course info from the university.

The application was developed in Android Studio using Java for program structure, Android’s XML for UI design, and SQLite for data storage.

The app took approximately two weeks to build. It is functionally complete, but I do plan on putting finishing touches on it at some point in the future.


Absolute Schedule

Absolute Schedule Java Application

Absolute Schedule was another project for my Bachelor’s degree program. It was designed to provide inter-site scheduling capability backed by a centralized SQL database. Appointment times update based on user location to prevent scheduling conflicts and issues.

The software allows for multiple users to be logged in and get their appointments. If an employee or client are scheduled for the same time, the user will be notified. The software also allows for reports to be generated in the application for analytical purposes.

The software was developed in Java using the NetBeans IDE. Java was used for program structure, JavaFX and FXML files were used for UI design in SceneBuilder, and SQL was used for data storage using JDBC to communicate with the database.

The software took six weeks to build and has all of its core functionality, but I do plan on adding an export feature to the reports and cleaning up the UI in the future.


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